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More garages need TV’s Fixer Alex

Alex Polizzi’s latest TV show The Fixer gave some fascinating insights. And I’m not talking about what she looks like in leather. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, in The Fixer Ms Polizzi goes into failing family businesses and sorts them out. This week it was a garage.

Being a garage customer can be a daunting affair. I’m a 40-something bloke who’s worked in the car industry for 20 years. And I still find going into my local workshop an intimidating business. For a start I come across with an almost unassailable urge to get my Swarfega out and give the place a clean followed by a decent tidy up. Famous OCD-er and McLaren boss Ron Dennis would have a seizure.

Then there’s the smell of testosterone and surly mechanics doing stuff that I know nowt about. Except I do. I can talk to them about what a pain undertrays are to take off and whether you need to do things like remove the rear diff to replace brake lines. They now know they can’t pull the wool so they don’t try. And to be honest, beneath the veneer of oil they seem like such decent blokes I don’t think they would anyway. But if I hadn’t made the effort, helped by my job to overcome various barriers, I’d be suspicious.

In ‘her’ garage, La Polizzi picked up on all these failings and more. And as is the point of her programme, she turned an almost bankrupt business around. That made me wonder why, just for a bit of white spirit, a lick of paint and some common courtesy, garages around the country don’t spruce up their act and earn a bit more money. The one thing I wasn’t left asking myself is what the presenter looks like in a figure-hugging black leather suit. Mutton I’m afraid. Her regular garb’s much better.