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Nearly new cars selling for more than their new price

Demand for BMW’s i8 hybrid supercar is such that used models are selling for nearly 50 per cent more than the sticker price. If you’d had the foresight to put your name down a couple of years ago, the i8 would have cost you £99,845. Now there are examples on used car websites with between one and 250 miles under their wheels going for £139,995.
BMW i8 appreciates in value
The i8 has created a perfect storm of desirability. It looks sensational on the road, as if beamed down from another planet, dealers have run out; and the waiting list for new models is around two years. Throw in that it’s expensive but reassuringly rather than overly so, is a high performance pioneer and according to people who’ve driven it, it’s really rather good too.

It’s not alone in appreciating. According to the Alfa Romeo website, you can buy a 4C from £45,000. Nice theory. Some Alfa dealers are complaining that they haven’t been able to get hold of any. Others say there are just 60 in the country. Whatever, models are going for £59,950 with a handful of miles on them.

The Tesla Model S is another car that’s bursting through the ceiling. The list price for the range-topping Performance version of the electric exec is £73,755. I’ve seen a dealer selling one for £89,990. Obviously the Alfa and Tesla are classics of the future. And I can see the Dacia Duster becoming sought-after when it’s older. Dealers are already managing demand by selling new models for more than the list price.

Not quite as predictable is the Jeep Compass. Of all the models in Jeep’s range I would have thought as one of the oldest and least rugged, the Compass is the one most likely to be discounted. On the contrary, dealers are selling it for a modest price hike compared to RRP.